What Is Coverage?

Coverage is a basic component of both the film and theater worlds. Producers and directors don’t have the time to read to every script that enters their offices.  Instead, their assistants break down each script, providing a logline, synopsis, comments, and a final recommendation. This recommendation is either a pass, consider, or recommend, and it forms the basis of whether the producer or director reads the script. It’s a pretty big deal, and because of that, every coverage company – whether for amateur or professional writers – focuses on this recommendation. But at Crusoe, we do things a little differently.

The Crusoe Difference

Our goal is to make you a better writer and help you reach your final draft. Writing is a process, and we’re not interested in grading you on how far you’ve come, so much as helping you along the way. We pride ourselves on providing no-frills coverage that is meaty on comments (1200-1400 words) and full of actionable suggestions. We also provide you a simple breakdown of your script’s strengths and weaknesses, a recommended reading list tailored to your script, and allow you ask three questions you’d like your reader to address beforehand. Finally, we tell you if your script is ready to be sent out or needs another draft.

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How the Coverage Process Works

Select Script Length

Select Number of Drafts

Select Add-On’s

Submit Questions

First, you’ll select an option based on your script length: One Act (under 40 pages), Full Length (under 120 pages), and Large (over 120 pages).  Then you’ll be asked how many drafts you’d like to submit.  Here at Crusoe, we know every script is a work in progress.  As such, you can opt to submit a second or third draft after you receive feedback on your first draft.

From there, you’ll be asked if you’d like any add-on’s.  You can select your reader, add a logline or synopsis, and even select a rush delivery option.  Finally, you can ask your reader three questions that you’d like to see answered or addressed in your coverage.  After that, all you have to do is enter your payment information and hit submit!

Matching Writers to Theaters, Agents, and Producers

We’re proud to announce our first partner: OYL Theater Company.  Scripts for the stage that our readers’ deem production-ready and fit OYL’s mission will be sent directly to them for review.  It’s an excellent way to get your work in front of an established theater.

As we grow, we hope to add more partners. Check back soon for updates.